Do I need a doctor referral to schedule an appointment?

No, we accept new appointments from individuals as well as doctor referrals!

Do we see children?

Yes! We have therapists who see all ages.

Do you offer Christian counseling?

Yes! We have therapists who can offer faith-based counseling.

How long is each session?

The typical session lasts between 55-60 minutes.

What if I’m running late to my appointment?

Please call (843) 894-0000 and let the office know. Depending on how late, you may be rescheduled or only get to have a 30-45 minute session.

Can we offer counseling for Hospice care?

We cannot offer in-person visits at Hospice facilities, but we can provide telehealth counseling!

Do we work with employers?

Yes, we offer business partnerships to provide mental health services to employees.

How can I verify you accept my insurance?

Call (843) 894-0000 and select the “Insurance” extension.

Do we offer telehealth?

Yes! We have a whole division for telehealth services across South Carolina!

How do I pay my copay?

We keep a credit/debit card on file (we can only see the last few digits) and charge your card the day of your appointment.

Do we prescribe medication?

We work with psychiatrists who can prescribe medication as needed.

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