Self-Assessment Quizzes

Our quizzes are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Quizzes CANNOT provide a valid diagnosis. There are many factors that a licensed therapist must consider in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Quiz content sourced from American Psychiatric Association: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorder, Fifth Edition. Copyright 2013.


Do I have ADHD if I can’t concentrate and get distracted easily?

Adjustment Disorder Quiz

So many changes in life, so much stress, and so hard to get things done.

Anxiety Disorder Quiz

What’s the difference between feeling anxious and having an anxiety disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder Quiz

Characterized by unstable relationships, impulsiveness, and fear of abandonment.

Clinical Depression Quiz

How do you know if you are feeling sad, or have clinical depression?

Conduct Disorder Quiz

Getting in trouble, misbehaving, skipping school, etc. Is it a disorder?

OCD Quiz

Things need to be a certain way… it’s for our own good and safety.

Postpartum Depression Quiz

Many new moms feel like something isn’t right, but don’t know the symptoms.


Have you experienced trauma? Find out if you have symptoms of PTSD.

Social Anxiety Disorder Quiz

Is it social anxiety disorder or just stage fright? Take the quiz to learn more!

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Why take a self-assessment quiz?


Our quizzes were developed to be educational and informative. Many people learn new things about the disorder and about themselves by taking our online quizzes!


One of our goals with online quizzes is to bring awareness to individuals who would otherwise believe things are “okay”


Our quizzes are entertaining! It’s fun to answer questions about ourselves and see the percentage at the end! Just remember, only a licensed mental health professional can diagnose you!

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