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  • Laura F.
    She's absolutely amazing and patient with especially children who went through trauma absolutely would recommend her to friends and family.
    Laura F.
  • Machelle M.
    I'm so glad my family has this place. Kenza is amazing... I have ptsd. and because of her I've come a long way...
    Machelle M.
  • Lauren C.
    Kenza helped my family come back together! She is so warm and understanding and helped us in every way! I can't imagine where we would be with out her these last couple years!
    Lauren C.
  • Katherine R.
    Ms. Kenza has been a life saver for my family. She is down to earth and compassionate. I can’t recommend her enough! Talking to her helps me so much. I always feel better after talking to her. Thank you!
    Katherine R.

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