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Why Choose Oceanic Counseling?

Tailored therapy strategies specific to your unique needs.

We accept most insurances, including EAP, Medicare and Medicaid!

With dozens of therapists, we can usually find a time that works with your schedule!

We also offer HIPAA compliant virtual therapy using your phone or computer!

We’ve been featured in the news DOZENS of times!

Self-Assessment Quizzes

Take our self-assessment online quizzes and learn more about your specific mental health needs!

We work with LOTS of insurance companies, but here's a few you've heard of:

Who do we see?


Individual therapy is just you and your therapist. It’s most common and allows for one-on-one discussion.

Marriage & Family

Marriage & family counseling are often conducted with all parties present, but may include individual sessions.

Children & Adolescents

Depending on the therapist’s recommendations and child’s age, this session may include a parent or guardian.

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